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Corona? Chaos? Comicfestival! Comicfestival Hamburg returns for its 14th edition from October 2nd — 9th 2020 in new clothes! Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to take appropriate measures, such as keeping a safe distance, the Comicfestival Hamburg 2020 becomes a so-called „Panel Walk“! A … panel walk?

Yes precisely - a full seven days until October 9th with at least 30 cafés, shops, bars and galleries in three different districts of Hamburg (St. Pauli, Karoviertel, Neustadt) displaying new comicstrips in their windows – or as we call them: panels. So let's go for a walk from panel to panel through the city of Hamburg and discover comics from almost 100 internationally recognised but also emerging and talented comic artists!


  • „The Millionaires Club“ — Anna Haifisch, Max Baitinger and Marie-Luce Schaller present Leipzig’s annual Comic & Graphic Festival „The Millionaires Club“ at Galerie Gudberg Nerger

  • Karina Tungari, winner of the Hamburg literature award in the category „comic“ shows extracts of her prize-winning work „Ahh … Das Gras auf der anderen Seite ist nicht immer grüner“ in the window of Markthof .

  • HAW Hamburg — Students of the HAW Hamburg display their work in two different exhibitions at „Kölibri“: The „swap party“, which shows reinterpretations of „gender“, „race“ and „class“ and „comics without words“, with stories told only by pictures.

Exhibitions and readings

Most of the exhibitions will be open air, so it will be safe to visit them. Some exhibitions, which take place indoors, can of course only be visited when wearing a mask. Our sanitation rules, which include limited entrance and safe distances, apply to all visitors.

For a long time it was not clear whether, due to COVID-19, readings in front of an audience would be allowed at all. Now, from 2nd — 4th October, readings will take place at „Kölibri“ and also „Vorwerkstift“ with cartoonists such as Olivier Schrauwen, Tanja Esch, Kathrin Klingner and many more! We look forward to meeting you at the Panel Walk through Hamburg, picking some stickers, discovering new comics and having a great time! See you soon!

You can find all information regarding locations and opening hours on our Timetable. All of our festival events are free of charge to attend.

International Panels

Keren Katz (IL)

Keren Katz is an award-winning cartoonist, writer and the non-fictitious half of The Katz Sisters Duo. She is the author of two graphic novels: „The Academic Hour“ and „The Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow“ (Secret Acres). Her work is characterised by classic dance, spatial thinking and her boundless passion for stories.

The Millionaires Club — Anna Haifisch (DE), Max Baitinger (DE), Marie-Luce Schaller (FR)

Anna Haifisch, Max Baitinger and Marie-Luce Schaller present Leipzig’s annual Comic & Graphic Festival „The Millionaires Club“.

Karina Tungari (ID/DE)

Karina Tungari, winner of the Hamburg Literature Award in the category „Comic“, shows extracts of her prize-winning work „Ahh … Das Gras auf der anderen Seite ist nicht immer grüner“.

Kimberly Edgar (CA)

Kimberly Edgar (CA) is a queer settler artist living in Canada. Kimberlys comics confront the complex experiences of negotiating chronic illness, and conflate these experiences with anthropogenic climate change, sometimes envisioning the physical land as a literal body.

Jelle Kindt (BE)

Jelle Kindt is a comic artist and expert in screen printing. His publication „Meat the Real Me“ chronicles a character’s search of personality in a geometrical world.

L.Sadler (UK)

As part of the artist video group Famicon, L.Sadler self-publishes underground comics and zines. They has exhibited internationally, working across many media including sculpture, painting, clothing and performance.

María Victoria Rodríguez (AR)

María Victoria Rodríguez is an argentinian illustrator and 2D animator based in Berlin. She takes part in artists collectives, exhibits her work and has participated in festivals and fairs in Argentina, Spain and Berlin.

Ana Maçã (PT)

Ana Maçã is a portuguese visual artist. Her main focus is on the creative possibilities involving photo appropriation. She is also focused on the theme of avantgard and alternative manga and its influences on western comic artists.

Alabaster Pizzo (US)

Alabaster Pizzo is a cartoonist from New York. Her graphic novel „Hellbound Lifestyle“ was published in 2016.

Olivier Schrauwen (BE)

Olivier Schrauwen is best known for his comic publication „My Boy“, published in 2006.

Eva Müller (DE) und Henna Räsänen (FI)

Eva Müller is an illustrator and comic artist. Her comics often focus on taboo subjects such as illness and death. Henna Räsänen is a queer and non binary comic artist. Their work focuses on portraying queer and punk life through offbeat and compassionate humor.

Silkidoodle (KR/FR)

Silkidoodle is a Korean cartoonist and illustrator. Silki creates reduced black and white comics with animal characters. In the exhibition she researches the feeling of being locked-in versus the feeling of being home.

„Der Weltraumpostbote“ — Guillaume Perreault (CA)

The comic publication „The Postman from Space“ of the Canadian comic artist Guillaume Perreault focuses on the humorous adventures of Bob, who delivers mail in space.

In addition to the exhibitions mentioned above, you can find many more here: Panel Walk

Do you have any questions? Feel free to write to us: info@comicfestivalhamburg.de